1) Write down the passive form of the verbs. Use the tense in brackets.

  1. Paul will be sent to prison. (Future tense)
  2. My brother has just been beaten in the race. (Present perfect)
  3. He was told to wait outside. (Past tense)
  4. I was not payed for the work. (Past tense)
  5. Policemen is often asked the way. (Present tense)
  6. Their lawn is cut once a week. (Present tense)
  7. We will be asked by the police. (Future tense)
  8. The towels weren’t used (Past tense)
  9. The jewels have not been sold so far. (Present perfect)
  10. They are taught French. (Present tense)
  11. The fire brigade was phoned soon after the fire had broken out. (Past tense)
  12. You will be laughed at if you talk such nonsense. (Future tense)
  13. All the fruits were ate up by the guests. (Past tense)
  14. The email will be answered tomorrow. (Future tense)
  15. The best cookies are sold here. (Present tense)

2) Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.

  1. John collects money. — Money is collected by John.
  2. Anna opened the window. — The window was opened by Anna.
  3. We have done our homework. — Our homework has been done by us.
  4. I will ask a question. — A question will be asked by me.
  5. He can cut out the picture. — The picture can be cut out by him.
  6. The sheep ate a lot. —  A lot was eaten by the sheep
  7. We do not clean our rooms. — Our rooms are not cleaned by us.
  8. William will not repair the car. — The car will not be repaired by William.
  9. Monica gave a chance to her friend. — A chance was given to her friend by Monica.
  10. Ann will write an essay on that topic. — An essay will be writen on that topic by Ann.
  11. Sue made a cake for her grandma. — A cake was made for grandma by Sue.
  12. They have cleaned all the rooms. — All the rooms have been cleaned by them.
  13. Karen has broken her heart. — Her heart has been broken by Karen.
  14. Mrs Jenny has sold her apartment. — Apartment has been sold by Mrs Jenny.
  15. Mary had lost her keys when she was in a car. — Keys were lose in a car by Mary.
  16. Suzan is doing her homework from math. — Her homework from math is being done.
  17. They are writing an essay right now. — An essay is being written right now by them.
  18. Ami is collecting sport shoes. — Sport shoes are being collected by Ami.
  19. They were washing the window. — The window was being washed by them.

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