1. A) Leisure – 4) free or unoccupied time
B) Entertainment – 3) something that serves for amusement
C) Opportunity – 1) a favorable position or chance
D) Occupation – 2) a job or profession

2. A) Calm – 2) not excited, nervous, or troubled
B) Intelligent – 1) able to think, understand, and learn things quickly and well
C) Brave – 3) willing to do things which are difficult or dangerous
D) Independent – 4) free from outside control

3. A) Miniature – 5) a model or copy of something on a very small scale
B) Signature – 1) the name of a person or a sign representing his name, marked by himself
C) Adventure – 2) an exciting or dangerous experience
D) Gesture –  4) a movement of part of the body to express an idea or meaning 

4. A) Tornado – 1) a violent storm with very strong winds
B) Flood – 4) an overflow of a large amount of water beyond its normal limits
C) Snowstorm – 2) a heavy fall of snow, especially with a high wind
D) Breeze – 5) a gentle wind

5. A) Request – 2) an act of asking politely or formally for something
B) Refusal – 5) an act of saying ‘no’ to an invitation, offer, etc.
C) Advice – 4) a suggestion about what somebody should do in a particular situation
D) Response – 1) a spoken or written answer

6. A) Service – 5) the action of helping or doing work for someone
B) Catalog – 1) a book that contains pictures of things that are on sale
C) Brand – 2) a product or group of products that has its own name
D) Purchase – 4) something that you buy

7. A) Lie – 4) a statement that is not true
B) Compliment – 1) a polite expression of praise or admiration
C) Flattery – 5) a false insincere praise
D) Prize – 2) an award given to the winner

8. A) Contract – 5) a written legal agreement between two people or organizations
B) Quarrel – 4) an angry argument
C) Discussion – 3) the process of talking something over
D) Trial – 2) hearing and judging a person or case in a court

9. A) Conversation – 4) an informal talk between people
B) Exclamation – 3) an emphatic or excited cry
C) Utterance – 2) the act or process of speaking or expressing in words
D) Argument – 1) an exchange of opposite views, typically an angry one 

10. A) Ordinary – 5) of common or established type, usual
B) Strange – 1) odd, unusual, or extraordinary
C) Human – 3) relating to or characterizing people
D) Hostile – 2) showing strong dislike 

11. A) Match – 1) a game in which individuals or teams compete
B) Situation – 4) a set of circumstances
C) Incident – 2) an event or occurrence
D) Performance – 3) an act of presenting a play, concert, etc.

12. A) Production – 5) the process of growing or making goods or materials
B) Amount – 4) a sum of money
C) Equivalence – 2) equality in value, amount, meaning, etc.
D) Substance – 1) a kind of matter with particular properties

13. A) Consideration – 1) careful thought, typically over a period of time
B) Motive – 2) a reason for doing something
C) Motion – 3) the action or process of moving or being moved
D) Command – 4) an order given to a person or an animal

14. A) Flexible – 4) able to make changes or deal with a situation that is changing
B) Reliable – 1) good in quality or performance; able to be trusted
C) Predictable – 3) always behaving or occurring in the way expected
D) Authentic – 5) of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine

15. A) Dispute – 5) an argument or a disagreement
B) Peace – 2) the state existing during the absence of war
C) Treaty – 4) a formal agreement between countries
D) Battle – 3) a fight between large armed forces

16. A) Elegant – 1) graceful or attractive in appearance or manner
B) Lively – 3) full of energy
C) Vital – 5) very important, necessary
D) Lovely – 2) beautiful, enjoyable, and pleasant 

17. A) Inner – 2) being or located inside
B) Average – 4) typical or normal, ordinary
C) Complicated – 5) difficult to understand
D) Available – 3) able to be used or obtained

18. A) External – 5) belonging to or forming the outer surface or structure of something
B) Internal – 1) of the inner nature of a thing
C) Round – 4) shaped like a circle or a ball
D) Square – 2) having four equal sides and four angles of 90°

19. A) Design – 5) a drawing or an outline from which something may be made
B) Arrangement – 1) the action of putting something in order
C) Composition – 2) the parts of elements of which something is made
D) Frame – 3) a border of wood in which a picture is set

20. A) Branch – 4) a part of a tree on which leaves, flowers, and fruit grow
B) Stem – 2) the long, thin part of a plant above the ground
C) Body – 3) the whole physical structure of a human being
D) Skin – 1) the outer covering of something

21. A) Carriage – 2) a separate section of a train
B) Helicopter – 1) an aircraft without wings
C) Lorry – 3) a large vehicle that is used to transport goods by road
D) Ship – 5) a large boat for transporting people or goods by sea

22. A) Price – 5) the amount of money that you pay for something
B) Discount – 1) reduction of prices
C) Prize – 4) an award given to the winner
D) Coin – 2) a small flat piece of metal used as money

23. A) Pedestrian – 4)  a person walking rather than traveling in a vehicle
B) Driver – 1) a person who drives a vehicle
C) Hiker – 3) a person who goes for long walks in the country for pleasure
D) Cyclist – 2) a person who rides a bicycle

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