1. When the population is not checked by artificial means, it increases, putting more strain on limited natural resources.

2. The portion of a mountain where trees cannot grow is called the tree line.

3. In 1892, Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball to provide college students with exercise during the winter months.

4. Not only was Mary Ann Shadd famous for helping escaped slaves, she was also the first African Canadian woman to establish a newspaper.

5. Everest being the highest, K2 is the second highest mountain peak in the world. 

6. “It is not very cold, I don’t think we need these big jackets.”
“I don’t think so, either.”

7. Neither Nebraska nor Iowa has any coastline. 

8. Birds owe much of their success as a group to their unusual powers of migration.

9. The house sparrow, now a common bird in NY city, was first seen in the city in 1850.

10. During the early period of ocean navigation there was hardly any need for sophisticated instruments and techniques. 

11. It was difficult at first, but Mike got used to working at night.

12. The legal systems of most countries can be classified as either common law or civil law.

13. Who you work for is your own business.

14. Doing an aerobic exercise for 20 minutes a day will strengthen your heart and you will get rid of excess fat.

15. So high is Mount Everest that climbers can take only a couple of steps per minute as they near the summit.

16. Eight ounces of skim milk contain more protein than the same volume of regular milk.

17. In 1983 astronaut Sally Ride became the first woman from the USA to travel into space. 

18. The accordion, a musical instrument, consisting of a rectangular bellows expanded and contracted between the hands, is frequently used in folk music.

19. Mason bees are solitary bees, which means that they do not live in colonies like honey bees or bumble bees.

20. Zora Hurtson first undertook fieldwork in anthropology, but eventually settled into her most cherished calling, that of fiction writer.

21. Not until a frog develops lungs does it leave the water and lives on the land.

22. The mass of insects on Earth is greater than that of all other land animals combined.

23. Many people hate to eat in restaurants by themselves.

24. Actor Paul Newman received an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement for acting in dozens of popular movies over several decades.

25. The American and the Soviet space exploration programs, even though they are reputedly opposites, are very much alike in their empirical goals.

26. I don’t feel like staying home today.

27. “What did you think of the book?”
Of all the books I’ve read, it was the most interesting.”

28. “Is your husband a good dancer?”
“Yes. He dances exceptionally well.”

29. “Is Marsha still here?”
“No. She was the first to leave.”

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