1. 4. What do you think he will do to save the situation?
5. Are you through with your work yet?

2. 1. You shouldn’t deliver goods to their company, should you?
2. Has John translated the novel or is he still working on it?
4. Can you show me how I have to paint the walls?         

3. 1. He had completed the work before I came, hadn’t he?
2. Do you know where his brother-in-law works?
4. When do you think they will arrive in Holland?
5. Do they have to announce the verdict today?

4. 1. The girls could hardly carry the suitcases, could they?
2. It’s time you stopped smoking, isn’t it?
3. Does your brother or sister go in for basketball?

5. 5. Is your brother fond of horror films or westerns?

6. 1. Can we stay here and play a little bit more?
4. Linda’s going to buy a new computer next year, isn’t she?

7. 2. She had to work hard to make both ends meet, didn’t she?
3. Since when has Dr Sandford been your family doctor?
5. What is the weather like today?

8. 1. When she lived in Paris she used to visit museums, didn’t she?
2. Does your daughter speak Spanish as fluently as your son does?
3. Did Marie or Susie attend the classes regularly?
4. Since when have people tried to understand natural phenomena?

9. 1. I suppose Karen can take up that work, can’t she?
3. How long is it since he called you?
5. Are you going to spend your vacation in Italy or in France?

10. 1. Did the delegation arrive in New York by plane or by train?
2. Nancy can hardly cope with such a pile of work, can she?
3. Bob has to take part in the coming elections, doesn’t he?
5. Do you have an idea what they are planning for tomorrow?

11.  2. They were listening to the news when he came, weren’t they?
4. Have they had any problems with their son lately?
5. He ought to help his friends, shouldn’t he?

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