Are People Becoming “Technological Zombies”?

Many people use technological devices daily for many reasons. Even I am using one to write this article! Technological devices help us throughout our daily lives and without them, life would be very different. However, sometimes we can use them a bit too much, enough to make us addicted to them.

The computer was invented in 1943. Before then, if people wanted to research something, they would have to go to the library to find answers to their questions. Now if we have a question, we just look it up on the internet. Now we can do many good things with technology which benefit us such as video calling, shopping and research. As well as this. if you have a lot of documents on your device, it is better than carrying around physical copies, which can be heavy. Technology is especially good for the elderly if they are lonely and want to communicate with their friends and family from the comfort of their home. The misuse of technology is what causes the problem.

Ever since smartphones were introduced in 1992, the use of technology has changed massively. Now, it is evident everywhere you go that many people have become unsocial from ‘social media’. On public transport, you can see that almost everyone is on their phones, either texting or playing games; this leads to people becoming unsociable. In fact, 90% of all adults have their mobile phones within arms reach of them at all times. Out of the population of 7 billion people in the entire world, 4 billion of them have mobile phones. Google search engines answer over 1 billion questions every single day, which shows how much we use Google to ask questions. The quality of ‘family time’ has changed now that we text people who are next door, in the room, and even next to us!

Technology has also made us lazy and unhealthy. People, especially children, are becoming overweight because they are not exercising enough due to the fact that they are on their electronic devices. This can lead to many diseases later on in life such as diabetes and cancer. Many people may argue and say that technology is also helping us to become healthy, for example through the use of Fitbits and other devices that encourage exercise, but could this just be something that people say to make themselves feel better?

Technology is slowly taking over our lives and we need to make it stop soon. Do not forget that we are human and we sometimes need to speak face-to-face. After all, do you want to become a “technological zombie”?

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