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English class 2020

This academic year was the most important and interesting for me. For a start, it was important, because I transferred to a new school and a new environment. At the beginning of the school year, we had English classes during which we had to choose a teacher with who we  would work. So I chose Miss Elina. 

With our first teacher, we began to repeat the tenses of English . We also did a lot of grammar exercises. For reading we took the book «Great Expectations» by Charles Dickens. So ll of these works gave me a lot.
In the second half of the year, we have a new teacher, Miss Anzhela.  With her, we began to be  developed much faster. We learned a lot of new words and  studied new words from different professions. We also began to develop our speaking. Later, we chose topics for discussion. We also began to work more diligently on our translation. We had many different and useful projects. Thanks to these projects, we learn more and more. All theses exercises improved our English.

Despite the fact that because of the coronavirus we had to conduct lessons from home, this year was very successful.

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